Yet another Cheap price comparison site?

Well, yes but unlike so many price comparison sites we are not affiliated with any oil supplier (and never have been!). We're not a broker.

That means:

- You don't pay commission.

- We keep our independence and you get to do whatever you want (like phone your usual supplier).

If you've just found us, we've being going since 2008, long before many of our imitators.

How is the site funded?

Currently through advertising.

The advertising that used to appear on this website was handled by Google. We do not choose which ads appear.

How do I change my ad preferences?

You can view your current ad preferences or change whether to see relevant or less relevant ads here

Why only online quotes?

It's just not feasible to phone up ever supplier numerous times per day and check what their price is.

At times when the price of oil can vary greatly, it would also lead to inconsistent comparisons.

Ultimately it would be a nuisance for everyone - for the oil distributor to take the call, for us to make the call and for you when you phone the supplier only to find the price is out of date.

So how does an oil distributor get listed on the site?

We seek out oil distributor websites that display their prices online.

If you are an oil distributor that wants to be featured or if you know of a website not featured that displays their prices online, please contact us and we will try to include your website.

Different quotes for different folks?

Some oil distributors will not have the same quote for everyone.

Prices can vary by location and whether you phone them or use the internet. There are obviously different costs involved for the oil distributors depending on where you live and how you go about getting your oil.


  • 1. The quotes listed are for online orders only of "28 Sec Kerosene Home Heating Oil".
  • 2. The quotes are for Standard delivery that should be within 5 working days and include VAT and may or may not include promotional offers.
  • 3. This website is independent of any oil supplier and will not provide advice that is biased in favour of one or more particular suppliers.This website offers only publicly available information.
  • 4. Oil prices are constantly changing so no guarantees can be made regarding the prices listed on this site and users are advised to check prices for themselves. However every attempt will be made to keep the information as accurate as possible.
  • DISCLAIMER: The authors of this website offer no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information provided here. All information is provided "as is".

Anything else you need to know?

Thats pretty much it. Our only tips are if you are't completely out of oil then watching the price trends might save you money by showing if prices are beginning to rise or fall.

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