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Order History, Price Alerts and Ordering Reminders

Our free account system can be used to record all your heating oil orders so you can see how much you’ve spent over time and who you have ordered from. You can also set up email alerts to be told if the price goes above or below a set price or just a reminder to order oil at a later date.

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Best Products for keeping warm

Starting at under £5, there are some very cheap and easy ways to keep warm and heat up your home.

Cheap keep warm fixes

Compare Oil Usage

If you know roughly how much heating oil usage you use each year, you can see how you compare with others.

You will also be able to see how much money you can save by replacing your boiler if it is over 15 years old.

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Home Heating oil prices

Notes and tips about current heating oil prices.

Heating oil prices

Energy Facts

Order 900 litres or just 500? Is electricity cheaper at night time?

What is fuel poverty? A few facts and tips listed here.

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Oil distributors

Are you an oil distributor featured?

Add a line of text under your name - completely free of charge.

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Other Price comparisons

Our sister site! Home heating oil prices for the Republic of Ireland

Heating Oil in the Republic

And we are bringing our unique commission free prices to the US!

US Heating Oil Prices

Petrol price comparisons
Official Energy and statistic websites

Non-profit UK organisation providing impartial advice to save money and fight climate change

Energy Saving Trust

UK organisation aimed at reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiency and use of sustainable energy sources

National Energy Foundation

Irelands national energy agency promoting and assisting the development of sustainable energy

Sustainable Energy Ireland

Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government

Energy Information Administration

Set up by the Environment Agency to reduce oil pollution by providing guidance on and facilities for the safe disposal and management of oil.

Oil Care

Directory of oil spill clean up contractors
Boiler related

Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK - Home of the Boiler efficiency database

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